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Rev. Sherlock Padmore

sherlock padmore

Sherlock Padmore is a friendly, warm, knowledgeable marriage officer. From your first encounter with this giant of a man, you will feel at home knowing your ceremony is in the hands of a competent individual. Mr. Padmore brings to the table close to a decade of performing wedding ceremonies. His broad smile and calm demeanor is what makes him one of the best in the business.

Pastor Wayde Coleby

wayde colby

Well known for his wisdom and charm in performing destination weddings.  Born in the Bahamas and moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands over 15 years ago, he is the Senior Pastor of Healing Waters Ministries, a non-denominational church in Providenciales.  His gentle nature calms the anxious groom and comforts the blushing bride.

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